15.1.2020, Präsentation des Projektes

Landesklinikum Neu in Wr. Neustadt

Das Landesklinikum Wiener Neustadt soll im Stadtteil Civitas Nova neu gebaut werden.

"Wir beginnen mit dem größten Investitionsprojekt in der Zweiten Republik in Niederösterreich neben dem Regierungsviertel", sagte Landeshauptfrau Johanna Mikl-Leitner.  Ziel ist dieInbetriebnahme im Jahr 2028.

Der Neubau des Landesklinikums entsteht auf einer Fläche von 50.000 Quadratmetern und wird 680 Betten, 18 Operationsräume, 13 Eingriffs- und fast 100 Ambulanzräume beherbergen.


BYZANZ & DER WESTEN - 1000 vergessene Jahre

On 17 March 2018 the opening of the BYZANZ exhibition at the Schallaburg took place. For this 8 month lasting international exhibition I made 6 format-filling wall projections and an additional video in portrait format.

Bringing the illustrations of Angelo Monne to life was an exciting and interesting task. I first adjusted and adopted the illustrations of 6 Mediterranean coastal cities to fit the walls dimensions. Then I disassembled and animated individual parts. Starting with the sea, then single ships, sea monsters, animals, cars, clouds, …

It’s like a stage set with several scenes and a holistic dramaturgy. The individual moving images have to fit together and into each other, to complement each other, to tell small stories, but to interact holistically. Connecting exciting worlds creating its own universe. 


BYZANZ & DER WESTEN - 1000 vergessene Jahre



PremierenVideo für VIEL GUT ESSEN von Sibylle Berg im Rabenhof Theater.


chunky geo - a picture every day



3 min drawn-videos for QUANTENSPRUNG (ORFIII) every second week.

Protestsongcontest 2017

12. Februar 2017, Rabenhof Theater Wien

more Info: www.protestsongcontest.net

Österreichische Kunstpreise 2016

© Chili Gallei
© Chili Gallei

25. 1. 2017 • Presentation of the Austrian art awards 2016 in the Dachfoyer of the Hofburg, Vienna.

Stage design and art direction.

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sun energy

Sun Energy vs Coal

signage system - Leitsystem Wirtschaftsagentur Wien



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Wirtschafts Agentur Wien signage manual:


WE INNOVATE. Innovation Campaign, ADB, Manila

Something you don’t already know. Only available here. Step right up.

Chili Gallei, named “Communicator of the Year” in 2010 by the Austrian Public Relations Society, creates graphic designs at the crossroads between education, art and marketing. Printes on paper or displayed on the internet. For commercial, cultural, government or artistic clients.

Here’s a small selection of Chili’s most interesting recent projects. Enjoy.

CDIA Corporate Video 2014

Infographics VORmagazin

published in the VORmagazin, Nov. 2014
published in the VORmagazin, Nov. 2014

Design: Chili Gallei • Clay Figure Production: Mae Chan

MNL Austrian Film Festival in Manila

WELLENTANZ - Folksmilch & Mercedes Echerer






WELLENTANZ – Lieder & Geschichten vom großen Strom zwischen Schwarzwald…

Erzählen wir die Donau ….. Unter diesem Motto haben sich Mercedes Echerer und das Austrian Acoustic Trio Folksmilch zusammengetan, und so entstand „WELLENTANZ“ – Lieder & Geschichten vom großen Strom zwischen Schwarzwald und Schwarzem Meer. Kleinkunst im traditionellen Sinne, eine Performance der besonderen Art, aber vor allem eins: Entertainment!


Dazu durfte ich das Cover, Booklet und die CD designen - und einen Video-Clip als Bonus-Track Trailer zur CD gestalten ...

HOT DOG from Vienna

Premiere: Di, 08.04.2014  20.00 Uhr Badeschiff, Wien 

This video is part of the Nadeschda and Alexander Schukoff production: Frankfurter, Hot Dog und Co: die Kulturgeschichte des Wiener Würstls.

To be shown first on ORF3 at 19:30, Dec. 25th and 26th.

Design and Creative Center Kobe, Japan

it kinda worked

Book: iPainting & Poetry

by Chili Gallei (iPaintings) and Audrey Esteban (Poetry)

Green Cities Video for ADB

Chili Gallei rarely appears on stage, but many accomplished artists depend on his reliable presence back stage. A good example is the Protest Song Contest where Chili is responsible for stage direction, promotional videos, website design  http://www.protestsongcontest.net and the many small details needed to make the event a success.

5 Jahre CDIA Broschüre, Infografiken, Video

COLUMBO DREAMS at the Rabenhof Theater

For a theater stage (designed by Christine Dosch) I created 6 ARTworks with the face of one of the actors as a hommage to contemporay art. Shown in COLUMBO DREAMS, written by Peter Waldeck, directed by Thomas Gratzer, at the Rabenhot Theater, Vienna.

The Filipino Spirit is Waterproof!

Roman Freigaßner, Thomas Gratzer, Chili Gallei - Foto: © Lissa Weissenbacher
Roman Freigaßner, Thomas Gratzer, Chili Gallei - Foto: © Lissa Weissenbacher

Chili Gallei has developed one of Vienna’s most recognized designs in his highly successful work for the Rabenhof Theater. Over the years he has designed and produced traditional print media, stage sets, promotional videos, public relations materials, photos and the theatre’s website. All these media share a consistent look and feel that communicates: Rabenhof!

Key Visuals 


Vienna: (Very) Smart City

Die internationale Strategie der Stadt Wien im neuen Web-Video.Crossmediale Präsentation eines modernen Medienstandorts.
Wien. Die lebenswerteste Stadt der Welt im Herzen Europas präsentiert sich als aufstrebender Wirtschafts- und Medienstandort für Partner aus aller Welt. Modern, technisch innovativ, mit naturnaher Lebensqualität und optimaler Infrastruktur für Besucher, Bewohner, Betriebe, Unternehmen und StartUps. Das neue Präsentationskonzept des Mediendesigners Chili Gallei im Auftrag der Stabsstelle für internationale Strategie und Koordination der Stadt Wien überträgt alle Vorzüge der Stadt in eine zeitgemässe Umsetzung von flexiblen Video-Clips.

Auf mehreren Themenebenen bietet sich eine dynamische Platform für den weltweiten und strategischen Imagetransfer in elektronischen Medien und auf allen digitalen, vorzugsweise mobilen Endgeräten. Wien als bevorzugter Wirtschafts- und Medienstandort wird hier nicht nur beschrieben, sondern mittels Gestaltung auf den ersten Blick bewiesen. Die Grundlage für den Ausbau internationaler Vernetzung per viralem Video-Marketing ist geschaffen. Auf neue Entwicklungen kann damit tagesaktuell reagiert werden.

Rabenhof Theatre, Vienna – WIR STAATSKÜNSTLER

Chili Gallei has designed the Rabenhof Theater’s distinctive graphics and communications strategy for many years. The latest addition is the "homage to Arnulf Rainer" for "WIR STAATSKÜNSTLER" (State Artists). Chili Gallei designed the website to be consistent with the Rabenhof Theater’s popular and distinctive graphic style while being 100% smartphone compatible.

The Rabenhof Theater’s website averages over 750 visitors per day with over 2,000 page views.

WIR STAATSKÜNSTLER, © Chili Gallei - homage to Arnulf Rainer
WIR STAATSKÜNSTLER, © Chili Gallei - homage to Arnulf Rainer

WIR STAATSKÜNSTLER – Live in the Rabenhof Theater and broadcast every Thursday on ORF television

“’Wir Staatskünstler’(We State Artists) is a strange program full of anarchic wit. The performance varies between anger and resignation, cynicism and idealism, and is not willing to resolve these contradictions. A laugh at the precipice, which rises and shakes, and is thus (slightly) moving." (Wiener Zeitung)

Chili Gallei likes looking beyond the borders of his homeland. Some examples include the short video production centrope_tt  for the EU funded project EcoPlus, or his video and designs for “Vienna Knowhow” (Das Wissen Wiens) a project for TINA Vienna Urban Technologies designed to share ideas from the world’s most liveable city.

centrope_tt: Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia

centrope_tt is an international experts community for technology transfer and innovation support acting in the neighbouring regions of Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - called CENTROPE. 15 centrope_tt partner institutions have been establishing different tools for stimulation of cross-border technology transfer between enterprises and universities/research institutes since 2009. Target of the clip is to show the great potential of a knowledge region which Centrope offers to its inhabitantsThis film was implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF.For further information about centrope_tt see: www.centrope-tt.infoMany thanks to all centrope_tt partners for their cooperation in realising this centrope_tt Image clip© 2011, Lower Austria, ecoplus. The Business Agency of Lower Austria

Photo Credit: Thule Jug, Donauuniversität Krem, ecoplus, Haiden-Baumann

Vienna Know-how Exhibition in Izmir, Turkey

Chili Gallei designed TINA Vienna’s award winning exhibition “Vienna Know-how: Urban Technologies and Strategies” in Izmir, Turkey

Vienna Know-how Exhibition in Bucharest, Romania

Chili Gallei designed and installed TINA Vienna’s exhibition “Vienna Know-how: Urban Technologies and Strategies” at the Bucharest City Museum as well as the exhibit’s promotional video. Here’s the video.

Chili Gallei has always had a soft spot for art and culture. He’s produced many promotional videos to help draw attention and attract audiences for theatre and cultural performances. Some examples are shown below.

Video for cultural festival "kunst in der saege" featuring the band The Branka and Jo Ditty & The Big Joke

I hired a contract killer, performance at Tischlerei Theatre Melk, 2011

Julian Loidl is Henri Boulanger
Julian Loidl is Henri Boulanger

Ex-pat Frenchman Henri Boulanger feels his life has lost its meaning when he’s fired from his job after a long career. He tries to kill himself, but fails. Still wanting to die, he arranges to meet a hit man in a bar, there Boulanger engages the hit man to kill him at an unspecified time and place in the future.

After engaging the hit man, Boulanger falls in love with Margaret, the flower lady. When he realizes that his life does have meaning, he tries to contact “his” hit man. But the bar has closed and the killer is untraceable, so Boulanger and Margaret flee together. Despite this, the killer, although suffering badly from lung cancer, tracks Boulanger and drives him into a corner. In the end, the assassin winds up shooting himself.



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Science Busters

Chili Gallei has been the main man backstage at Science Busters – Austria’s wildly popular science show – from the beginning. His striking visual style, his legendary videos, and his stage direction perfectly compliments the show’s entertaining, despite being highly intelligent, actors: physicists Heinz Oberhummer and Werner Gruber, and comedian Martin Puntigam. The show is a European pioneer in bringing “Science 2 People” by explaining the science behind everyday activities. Its motto, “Those who don’t know, need to believe everything,” perfectly characterizes our highly technical age. After establishing this format, Chili Gallei could have just sat back ...

.. but that was not enough for him.

Chili Gallei extended the concept for the ORF (Austrian national television network) coverage of the 2011 Nordic Ski World Cup in Oslo. Chilli produced ten Science Busters videos explaining the science of Nordic skiing and several intro/extro videos. The videos clearly illustrate the look and feel of Chili Gallei video design.

Chili Gallei uses a wide variety of styles in his work. He chooses the right look for his projects based on the type of task and client’s particular characteristics or personality. A fine example is his blending of traditional and modern styles for the Café Florianihof video and website. The look succeeds in communicating that this café combines the best of old and new Viennese coffeehouse traditions.


Chili Gallei open end.

I, Chili Gallei, have lived for, and with, my creative work for many years now. This website illustrates only a small selection of my happily almost unlimited range of media and designs.

There’s much more about my work on the rest of this website, and about me in particular on the About Chili Gallei page.